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We’re so excited to lend a helping hand to our community of incredibly talented local businesses. If you own an independent business in the North East you’re welcome to be part of Tyne Collective.

let’s get through this together

We’re all going through this tough time together on a global scale, however not all of us are affected equally. We understand that small businesses are naturally more at risk, and we want to do what we can to help them through this challenging time.

How it works

It’s simple to get up and running. And we’re currently offering a free set up service due to the current situation around Covid-19.

All local businesses are welcome to register, whether you’re a cafe, brewery, pub, hairdresser, butcher, baker or even a candle-stick maker.


Register your interest using the form below, we’ll get in touch with the details.


Your gift vouchers will be listed on the Tyne Collective site, powered by gift voucher platform Regalo.


Customers buy your gift card. The money goes straight into your bank minus a small admin fee.


Customers get emailed the voucher to redeem with you when you’re back up and running


What is Tyne Collective?

Tyne Collective is a gift voucher platform dedicated to supporting our local North Eastern businesses. During this current time of crisis, we want to keep our beloved small businesses alive.

Tyne Collective is a safe and secure way to offer your customers (and perhaps new ones!) the opportunity to buy a voucher to use at your business once reopened. We take the leg work out of setting up a voucher system for your business by utilising Regalo – a specialised platform for vouchers.

Who is Tyne Collective run by?

Basically, we’re a bunch of Newcastle locals who love our city’s independent businesses. We think they make North East and Newcastle the brilliant place it is. Tyne Collective was created by the team at Vida Creative.

How does Tyne Collective work?

The voucher platform itself is handled by Regalo, an established and trusted provider working with some fantastic businesses, including Michelin Star restaurants.

The Regalo team will onboard you on to their platform and set you up with your own online voucher store e.g. They will also set up a Stripe account for you (if you don’t already have one) so you can receive your payments directly from your customers.

When you’re all set up, your business will be listed on the Tyne Collective website where people can buy your vouchers.

What is Regalo?

Regalo are our trusted partners that handles all payments and the issuing of vouchers. Regalo transactions are created using Stripe, a safe and secure payment platform. Find out more about Stripe here:

Regalo gives you a simple management dashboard where you can view your voucher sales, and when your vouchers have been redeemed.

I already have a voucher system, can I use this too?

Absolutely. Tyne Collective and Regalo don’t want to replace your current system – we’re just giving you another way to advertise your business and bring in a little extra money at a tough time.

How will customers use the vouchers?

For each purchase from your store, the system generates a custom voucher which is sent by email to the customer. The customer can then redeem the voucher in store at a later date.

Do I have to pay anything?

If you don’t sell any vouchers, you don’t pay anything.

Whenever you do make a sale, Regalo charges a 4.8% admin fee (to cover costs), and Stripe charges 1.4% + 20p per transaction. At present, to help businesses affected by the virus, Regalo is not charging monthly fees or commission – this may change in the future, but you’d be under no obligation to continue using the platform if you choose not to.

Tyne Collective does not make any money from your sales.

Where does the money from the vouchers go?

Aside from the 4.8% admin fee and 1.4% + 20p Stripe charges, all money from voucher sales goes straight into your business’ bank account.

How and when will my business get the money?

The money you make from your voucher sales goes straight into your Stripe account every time someone makes a purchase. Stripe takes around 2 business days to payout to your business account, read more info here:

What do I have to do?

Not a whole lot actually!

Regalo will help you get set up on the voucher platform, and once your business is listed on our site, we simply ask that you spread the good news and let your customers know that they can purchase vouchers to use at a later date.

Let’s keep our great network of independent businesses alive!

When will customers be able to purchase vouchers?

At present, we are working with Regalo to get the site up and running as fast as possible. Customers will be able to purchase vouchers as soon as your business is listed on the platform.

Do the vouchers expire?

The voucher expiry date is up to you as a business to set. In normal times most businesses set their expiry to 12 months from purchase but in the current circumstances many are extending this e.g. to 18 months from purchase.

What if I go out of business and customers have purchased vouchers?

In the very unfortunate event that this occurs, customers will not be refunded.